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Preventive Services


Just as preventive medicine helps ensure the health of the body, preventive lawyering helps ensure the health of the body corporate.  At Alexander Hyde, LLC, we have have over twenty years of litigation experience in state and federal court.  Based on hundreds of cases litigated, we find that the resolution often turned on something that was done – or not done – prior to the filing of the lawsuit.  A timely intervention by a legal professional at the crucial moment in the chain of events could have made the difference between no lawsuit at all and a costly settlement or judgment.  A small investment could very well have prevented costly litigation with all of its accompanying repercussions including bad publicity, poor employee morale, and increased insurance premiums due to a negative loss history.

What Is Preventive Lawyering?

Similar to measures taken in medicine, preventive lawyering involves checking the vital systems of your operations to ensure they are working properly and intervening immediately when minor problems occur to prevent them from becoming catastrophic.  Our preventive services come in three forms: policy drafting/review; employee training, and investigations.


Policy and Procedure Services


​Policies and procedures not only help your organization run its day to day affairs, they also serve to safeguard against legal difficulties.  The accuracy of this statement is no more apparent than in the areas of hiring, retention, and promotion of employees.  Sound policies in these areas are absolutely essential.  Whether your organization is a start-up or a venerable fixture in the market place, we can provide you with the employee policies you need.

Even if you already have policies, we can still help.  The greatest certainty in the law is that it is subject to change.  A periodic checkup of your company’s policies and procedures helps ensure that it will continue to function efficiently and benefit from the mistakes others have made.



The most complete and current policies are useless if your supervisors and employees do not know them.  Our attorneys are as comfortable in front of a classroom as they are in front of a courtroom.  Whether it is reinforcing existing policies, providing updates based on recent legal developments, or ensuring that all employees are aware of newly enacted policies, our attorneys can provide on-site training tailored to your needs.


Not only are we seasoned litigators, but also we are thorough investigators.  In addition to decades of experience investigating claims as litigators, our attorneys have also provided pre-litigation investigation services.  One of our attorneys is also a certified law enforcement officer trained and experienced in investigative techniques.  While we can investigate nearly any situation that may arise, we are particularly versed in harassment, discrimination, and loss investigations.

Hiring a knowledge litigation savvy investigator to look into an incident provides your organization a wide variety of benefits.  First and foremost, it minimizes disruption to your activities.  Instead of losing countless man-hours of your employees’ time conducting interviews and hunting for documents with uncertain results, you get trained professionals who can cut to the heart of the matter with little business disruption.  Second, your chances of later facing a successful retaliation claim are minimized if not completely eliminated.  Our attorneys insist upon complete autonomy when conducting investigations to protect the integrity of the investigation and to insulate your organization from allegations of bias.  The recommendations you receive will be based upon the facts and the law, uncolored by any previous knowledge or contact with an incident’s participants.  Third, by being able to tell their story to a disinterested party, the participants in an incident get the impression of “having their day in court,” thereby diminishing the chances that they will want a real day in court.  Finally, a third party investigator keeps your corporate counsel or regular attorney from being conflicted out of any lawsuit that may be filed.  Should the matter go to court, the attorneys you count on can still be there to assist you.

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